2012 Code Competition


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The Competition

The 2012 Maemo.org Coding Competition elections are now open,
and you have received this email as you are eligible to vote.  Please note
that there are 7 distinct topics/categories, each with their own election,
and each with multiple prizes to be awarded.

A full list of candidates, prizes, and rules can be found at:


Discussions on the competition are at:



Voting will run from September 19th through September 27th 2012, 23:59 UTC.

After authenticating yourself for a category, you can choose your
preferred candidates in order of preference. You will have an opportunity
to verify and confirm your vote afterwards.

Once you have confirmed your vote, a unique secret identifier will be
given to you which will allow you to verify after the election that your
vote was counted correctly.

Once you have voted, you will not be able to vote in the same category/election
again.  The same token should be used in all categories/elections, but will
only allow one vote per category/election.

Thank you for your vote(s)!
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