Developer: mbo
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

Klippr is a meego for Klippt.com. With kippt.com you can organize, archive and search your links.
It features also a ”Read Later” option, similar to instapaper or others.

For now the following features are implemented in Klippr:

– save, edit and delete bookmarks
- create, edit and delete lists.
- mark bookmarks as ”read later” or ”starred”
- a reader view for reading your bookmarks in an optimized way, similar to Instaper or ReadItLater.
- follow the lists of other kippt.com users you are following, the so called ”Feed”.

Missing features:
- search
- user profiles
- better sharing options
- improved reader (fontsize, etc)

Released under GPLv3

Download Instructions:
Download: http://borho.net/pub/klippr_0.4.0_armel.deb (0.4.0)

Webpage: http://mborho.github.com/klippr
Source: https://github.com/mborho/klippr