modern computer flatboat

Developer: frafl
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: No
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:
(modern computer) flatboat is a pdf viewer designed for mobile devices. I started developing it in early August 2012. As the pdf library, I use MuPDF’s libfitz (which I ported to maemo for that purpose), whereas the GUI is written in Qt (QML).
Since I needed a reader for (multicolumn) mathematical PDFs, flatboat tries to detect columns by joining the text blocks of libfitz’s fz_text_page. Nearly every function has a key mapped to it, so that you don’t need the touchscreent to view the PDF. This is especially true for the column mode, where the next button (and keys mapped to it) scroll down, until the end of the column is reached.
The document viewed before the current one is accessible via 1, the one before via 2 a.s.o., a list of all these documents is provided if you press O (for open) or click on ”file”.
The uses may toggle the flicking directions with the key S or by clicking the toggle button in the upper bar.
Because the first search in a document reads all fz_text_pages and converts them to QStrings, it is quite slow, but this speeds up further searches drastically.
Text mode is just an emergency mode (equals pdftotext or similar), which will probably be removed, if I implement a real reflow mode.

For a timeline of my work, see the git repository:

Download Instructions:
m.c. flatboat is in Extras-Devel:
An untested harmattan build (as well as an android build) can be downloaded from dropbox (see announce thread).
Announce thread: