Developer: Taixzo
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: No
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:
Saera is a Siri clone for Fremantle. I started this because there are like 5 Android ones that popped up after Siri was released, but nobody made one for the N900. Siri obviously is more integrated with iOS than Saera can ever hope to be with Maemo, but hopefully we can get close. Saera uses Pocketsphinx for voice recognition and eSpeak to talk, and calls out to modRana for navigation and local search. Saera can also do a few other things, with more being added every day:
- Tell you the time, both where you are and in a few major cities
- Greet you
- Verify she’s working, if you say ”testing”
- Take a picture
- Tell you random facts about the N900
- Tell you where you are if you’re lost
- Search for food near you
- Read you new emails as they come in
- Read you new IMs as they come in
- Set alarms
- Play and pause music

Download Instructions:
Saera is in the extras-devel repository; you can download it from the Application Manager once you’ve enabled the catalog.
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