USSD balance

Developer: Avis
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:
Simple application fo MeeGo Harmattan to get balance of the mobile account over the USSD requests.
Program queries the balance when user clicks program’s icon, gets the reply, cuts digits and shows them to the user in different ways.
– USSD sending/recieving
– updating balance after Calls/SMS (daemon catching D-BUS messages, can be switched on/off)
– updating balance on time (time can be set in format HH:MM or hh:mm AM/PM etc..) (new in version 0.0.5)
– calculated difference since last update (shown in Notificaton) (new in version 0.0.5)
– calculated call length (shown in Notificaton) (new in version 0.0.6)
– optional delay of auto-update (new in version 0.0.6)
– display balance on standby screen (new in version 0.0.7)
– pop-up window catching and dismissing (in two ways: click emulation or force window closing – see option ”hard-kill”)
– showing balance over the program’s icon
– showing balance through the Notifications (optional)
– native configuration through the control panel (Settings->Applications->USSD balance)
– multilanguage (english, russian)

Download Instructions:
Program is in beta state. It can be downloaded directly from here:
Installation is possible through the Terminal or from the file manager like FileBox.
Sample configuration for the program shown on the screenshot.
More information available at forum’s topic: