Developer: Wikiwide
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: No
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:
VirtRanSim is a simple Hildon Control Panel applet which allows user to choose a virtual keyboard to use. As far as I know, before it was created, the only way to change the onscreen virtual keyboard was to directly change the setting by writing a gconf command in X-Terminal. It was tedious, and not exactly user-friendly. This application can be started by clicking appropriate entry in Hildon Control Panel. It shows, in a dialogue, selector with list of files any of which could be used as a virtual keyboard. When the selection is changed, a banner (yellow strip) shows information about the currently selected file: name and description of the package to which it belongs. If the dialogue is dismissed, virtual keyboard is not changed. If the ”OK” button is pressed, virtual keyboard is set in accordance with the selection.

Download Instructions:
The package was uploaded to Extras-Devel with gracious assistance of Maemo Extras Assistant. It can be installed by ”apt-get install virtransim”, for instance, since the name of the package is ”virtransim”. The icon has been recently created, and is not included in the package yet. The most recent version is 0.1.1 for now, but it can quickly change: its current icon is very confusing. Considering that the N900 it was created on is not working right now (hardware problem), beta-testers and any feedback would be welcome.