Developer: marmistrz
Category: Games, Graphics, Multimedia
Beginner: No
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:
MaeLyrica is a lyrics downloading client with ability to save them for later offline use. I has 5 sources.

1. Find out how different providers put lyrics on their servers
2. Find out how different providers code their pages to get plain lyrics only
3. Create GUI
4. Find out how to store recent searches and settings with QML
5. Find out how to get list of artists and track with Qt Mobility
6. Find a bug in Qt Mobility :P
7. Find out how to save lyrics

Download Instructions:
Announce thread:
1. Enable extras-devel
2. In Hildon App. Manager install MaeLyrica or as root: apt-get install maelyrica
To run, just click the entry in the menu

Additional notes:
To minimize click top left corner, to close click top right corner
In case of any problems, let me know.
Open Media Player does take the lyrics from MaeLyrica database, but displays them without break. It seems to be a bug in Open Media Player I discovered lately, as MaeLyrica displays the same lyrics correctly..
Known bug is that LyricsMania will display junk if lyrics not found. It should be fixed ASAP. Therefore don't use umlauts with LyricsMania.