Developer: fcrochik
Category: Location & Navigation
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:
Native Client for Google Maps with places search and directions.

Offers a Clean user interface to maximize use of the small screen and quick access to all features.

Map Mode: Hybrid, Satelite, Roadmap & Terrain
Map Layers: bike & traffic
Double pixel mode
Suspend Standby mode
Pinch to zoom

Mode: driving, walking & cycling
Avoid tolls
Avoid highways
Calculate multiple routes with total distance and duration
From current location or any other address to any address
Step-by-step instructions with duration and distance
Step-by-step instructions on map with auto zoom
Auto select nearest ”step” on current navigation based on current location
Recalculate directions with one click
Show destination on ”Nokia Drive”

Places Search
Find business around current position or any other address
Show address, phone numbers, link to web site & GPS coordinates

More information and lots of screenshots can be found at:

Download Instructions:
GeePS2 for Harmattan/Meego can be downloaded from the ovi store:

There is a t.m.o. discussion thread at:

Suggestions can be entered at the t.m.o discussion thread or to the uservoice web site: