Developer: paoletto
Category: Location & Navigation
Beginner: YES
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:
meeTrainer is a sport-assistance application that allows to easily monitor, record and review sporting activities, as well as exporting the recorded data.

By making use of the internal gps receiver it records the position as well as the altitude and speed during the exercise, while also live feeding it to a monitor screen, that can be kept on during the training.

meeTrainer also supports bluetooth HRM chest belts (so far only those from Polar and SportsTracker) as data source, and can combine heart rate information and caloric consumption together with the gps data.

meeTrainer has been created with the specific purpose of providing accurate training data, and therefore it also includes gps data filtering, as the N9 gps receiver seems to provide somewhat noisy data.

meeTrainer also includes effective reviewing functionalities, providing monthly aggregates and charting of the recorded data.

I started meeTrainer because of the lack of alternatives for Harmattan: the only free alternative is, at the present, the app developed by SportsTracker, which, unfortunately, seems willing to cease the support for MeeGo.

For this reasons i believe that initiating a free alternative to sportstracker was a need, and i believe that in a very short time meeTrainer already attracted quite some interest from many N9 users that, like me, want to monitor their workouts but simply cant do it in a proper way right now.

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