Developer: leon.anavi
Category: Network & Communications
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

MoGateway is a free application that converts your smartphone into SMS gateway by forwarding emails as SMS to specified phone numbers at the title of the subject. The application will take part at 2012 Coding Competition at category Network & Communications

OS: MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9/N950); Symbian^3; Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle

Use Cases: MoGateway is useful if you want to send SMS automatically from a web site or a computer.

MoGateway is an open source project and the source code is available at Gitorious under GPLv3 license:

MoGateway supports multiple languages and it is currently localized in English, Bulgarian and Turkish.

YouTube Video:

I created MoGateway because I found out that similar apps does not exist at Nokia Store although there is a sophisticated app for Android called ”SMS Gateway”. I tried to make MoGateway as simple as possible: my app is integrated with the email client of the OS and has just a simple button to start or stop the gateway. Unfortunately due to some limitation of Qt Mobility so far MoGateway can receive only emails from “Mail for Exchange” accounts.

Key Features

* E-mail to SMS gateway: receive email and forward it’s body as SMS to a list of phone numbers described at the subject of the email
* Option automatically to deleted received emails with prefix [email2sms]
* Statistics and option to reset statistics
* Support of muliple languages (English, Bulgaria and Turkish so far)

Download Instructions:
Nokia Store URL:
Deb file of release 1.0.2 is also available at:

User’s Manual for Nokia N9 and Symbian
1. Install MoGateway
2. Configure Mail for Exchange (otherwise MoGateway will not detect emails on Nokia)…-instructions/
3. Launch Mogateway
4. Press the Start Button
5. Send e-mail with subject with prefix [email2sms] and a list of phone numbers separated with commas

Example subject: [email2sms]1234,4321

YouTube video:
Support page: