Developer: Paolo Angelelli
App category: Network & Communications
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

syncgcontactgs is a command-line application to synchronize N9 contacts with the contacts from multiple gmail accounts.

Syncgcontacts also supports gmail contact groups (even though they are not mapped to phone contact groups, mostly because i find them not very practical), and allows moderately complex queries.

A typical command line invocation might look like this:
/opt/syncgcontacts/bin/syncgcontacts -a

This instructs syncgcontacts to copy into the phone the contacts from the account, and belonging to the groups "Home" AND "Friends", but neither to the groups "LosAngeles" nor to the group "Seattle", and to also copy into the phone the contacts from the gmail account, belonging to IBM,Apple and SanFrancisco groups, but not to the Microsoft group.

As far as i know, there is no other app to perform such type of synchronization on Harmattan (syncevolution, the only alternative to stock MfE contacts synchronization can only sync one account and no group filtering)

I started developing syncgcontacts from scratch, and it has been published around the middle of August, already attracting some interest from those people that, like me, like to have their phone contacts separated in different accounts, or, at least, in different groups.