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Developer: jukra
Category: Other
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:

BioPower is my first ever open source release and as a such also a long time dream come true!

BioPower for Nokia N900 is tool to estimate solid bio fuel burner current input power. It listens and visualizes the sound of conveyor detecting the on / off cycles from the sound. From conveyor on / off cycles the current input power of the burner can be estimated. BioPower utilizes the capabilities of N900 in a clever way to accomplish this task.

BioPower is based on BabyPhone (version 1.0) of Robert Morawek. During the competition time
frame, I have done the following work to turn BabyPhone to BioPower:
- modified the mainscreen to fit BioPower
- modified the Settings screen to fit BioPower
- modified the About screen to fit BioPower
- developed double median filtering of audio samples (MovingAverage class)
- developed the automatic audio threshold level control for edge detection (in MainWindow::refreshAudioData)
- developed the edge detection based on the automatically controller threshold level on the
double median filtered audio samples (in MainWindow::refreshAudioData)
- developed the algorithm to estimate the input power of burner based on measured on / off cycles of conveyor (in MainWindow::refreshAudioData)
- added the display for: current power, current feed-%, last spiral period
- Removed ability to send SMS / make phone calls
- set up garage project and web pages for BioPower at http://biopower.garage.maemo.org/
- last and maybe the least changed the name of the project and the purpose of original application =)

Hopefully I did not forget anything =)

Download Instructions:
Download the .deb package into Nokia N900 from garage using link https://garage.maemo.org/frs/downloa....9.0_armel.deb Then in N900 file manager click the package and install it.

The web page is at http://biopower.garage.maemo.org/
The announce thread is at http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=86608