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Developer: peterleinchen
Category: Other
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:

SIM-Switcher, automated switching with a double (dual) SIM adapter. This package adds some scripts and config files to ease the task of switching the active SIM on a double (dual) SIM adapter. Your adapter needs to support the so-called ”007” mode, i.e. switching via phone code (e.g. 001, **1, 11*, 1#, …). There is no STK (SimToolKit) support in N900. Furthermore it is possible: to define the cell mode (GSM, UMTS, Dual), to change the connection policy (always ask, any, WLAN, GPRS), to connect automatically to a pre-defined IAP and to en-/disable call forwarding … before switching (current SIM) and … after switching (to-be-switched-to SIM).

download here:

Simple switching solution was ready since last year, but triggered by some ’Wow, that is possible?’ I decided to make it available to the community, code and pack it together with some other functionalities, make it user configurable and put it into the repos (see changelog on package site) and of course bug fix it.